Portable Sinks – For Food Vendor and Restaurants

5 Star OC portable sinks are ideal for restaurants, food vendors, and outdoor caterers. They are an excellent utility cleaning solution that can be easily installed at any location for temporary use. Made from stainless steel, these sinks are a hundred percent mobile enabling easy transportation, making them ideal for all kinds of outdoor parties and events where wash stations are required. Any establishment that prepares and serves food to the general public would benefit greatly from installing these hygienic and durable portable sinks within the premises.

Features of Our Portable Sinks
  • Hot and cold compartments
  • Portable, stainless steel units
  • Easy to install and transport
  • Deck-mounted pre-rinse faucet
  • Separate hand-washing faucet
  • Folding drain boards
  • Soap dispenser
  • Self-contained slump pump
  • Water inlet with a regulator
  • Instantaneous water heater
  • Built-in plumbing clean out
  • Holding tank
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