Hand-wash Stations

Hand Wash stations are essential for maintaining optimal hygiene at a worksite or at an event. Most hand wash stations available in the market either come with a sink top operation or a foot pump and are quite small, enabling portability and flexible placement.

Our top of the line sanitation and hand wash stations are an excellent solution for keeping your hands clean after using our high-quality portable restrooms. 5 Star Porta OC offers the standard hand wash stations equipped with soap and clean water and the hand wash stations with four dispensers for hand sanitizer. You can pick any one of the hand wash stations that suits your requirements and needs.

Hand Wash stations from 5 Star OC are a convenient and easy way of keeping your employees or guests comfortable, clean, and healthy. Place these hand wash stations easily outside the portable restrooms, entrances and exits, and around the food service area for optimum cleanliness.

Features of Our Handwash Stations
  • Multiple dispensers for each unit
  • Each unit comes fully stocked with fresh water, paper towels, soap, and hand sanitizer
  • 5 Star OC Hand Wash stations are self-contained
  • Hand Wash stations come with food pumps for hands-free use
  • 4 Dispensers for foam
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