Fresh Water Flush Restrooms

Easy to clean Fresh Water Flush Restrooms are an indispensable part of any event being held outdoors. These restrooms offer your guests and employees the best with the Fresh Water Flush Restrooms from 5 Star OC. These premium portable toilets are strong yet lightweight, featuring a compact design.

As implied by the name, these portable restroom units come equipped with a freshwater flush that conceals the waste with the help of a strong whirlpool and the flapper valve. Unlike recirculating flush tanks, these premium restrooms also help in reducing bad odors thanks to the freshwater used for flushing.

The interiors of these Fresh Water Flush Restrooms are comparatively spacious than the other portable toilet models in the industry, offering ample space to parents with kids and construction workers to keep their tools and bags.

Portable Fresh Water Flush Restrooms are best suited for fairs, concerts, music festivals, or any kind of outdoor event. Durable, sleek, lightweight, and full of amenities, these portable restrooms are important for cleanliness and comfort.

Features of our Fresh Water Flush Restrooms
  • Each unit comes fitted with bright interior lighting
  • Anti-slip flooring to prevent accidental falls
  • Each unit comes with a ventilation tube to cut down on bad odors.
  • Occupied and vacant signal latches on the door
  • Foot pump flush to keep the hands clean.
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