Fresh Water Delivery for Flushing System

Most of the time, new construction and commercial worksites are situated in undeveloped locations that might not have the requisite water and sewage connections yet for a fully operational indoor washroom. To solve this problem, mobile office trailers are installed, but the lack of water and sewage lines can still pose a problem when it comes to maintaining adequate sanitation and hygiene.

Therefore, an innovative and self-contained freshwater delivery system has been developed. This system can provide the temporary water connections that are needed for flushing the toilets and other sanitation concerns, without the need to tie into expensive water and sewage lines. This system comprises of four distinct elements.

  • Supply Tank: Available in a range of sizes, this acts as the primary reservoir and is located inside an insulated box.
  • Water Pump: This is needed for maintaining the water pressure throughout the mobile trailer.
  • Ejector Pit: This custom-fabricated device is used to move the sewage above the waste tank after the trailer has been used.
  • Holding Tank: The waste holding tank is located discretely out of sight inside a service tank. This tank needs to be evacuated and emptied every week.
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